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damnshante's Journal

Damn Shante
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As I lay in my bed, images flood my mind
Of a moment of lust-filled passion, adhesive carnality that binds
The sounds of smooth moans, and soft moans in my ear
Causes my carnal man to rise, and my mind to veer,...
Off into places, where usually I'm not
I'm still, but yet I swoon in my mind, because of thoughts that make me hot
It hits me like a breeze, a gentle winds puff
Damn Shante! You got me thinking about your stuff

I'm transported back to the room where we committed the act,...
Of getting our horizontal groove on; dancing on our backs
Caressing every part of your chocolate body, with carefulness and civility
Feeling every part of you with my tactile ability
Suddenly I look at my clock and shake my head, as I calmly reacted
To the fact that I was in a trance and very much distracted
Like a thirsty man, that will desperately barter
Damn Shante! I want more of you like thirsty men want water

I flash back to the room, in lust, burning
Energy created by our grinding and churning
Varying in technique, smooth and hard as our bodies collide
Moving in and out, up and down, and even from side to side
Sweat develops on my forehead, as I stir all in it
Because we've been at this now for about twenty minutes
Again I snap out of my trance, with a look of extreme
Damn Shante! You make my urges scream

Back in the room we are, as we make the bed move
As we continue with our horizontal groove
I feel you spanking me, as time moves past
Turning me on more, as I feel you slapping on my ass
Changing positions, putting myself in your source
I grab hold to your shoulders, and ride you like a horse
I fondle your tits, whose nipples taste gingerly
Caressing your breast, and massaging them tenderly

I feel my climax begin to get naughty
As I pump into your bush, and feel your soft ass hit my body
Then I erupt as I hang on for the ride
Feeling myself pulsating inside
Slapping myself out of my trance, thinking as I would
Damn Shante! That was goooooooood

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